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Mission Statement

Avery students will learn to think critically, to collaborate with others, and to use technology to become a successful citizen with a high moral standard and excellent character.


The Avery School District believes in equal treatment for all students and has high expectations for students' classroom performance and behavior. Students should learn to be responsible for their own actions in a respectful environment where they are both respected and respectful.


The Avery School District believes in schools that:

  • Create excitement in the learning environment.
  • Appreciate the value of each child and build upon the child's strengths.
  • Allow all students, staff, parents, and community members to work together toward common goals.

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Classroom With Computers

Technology Upgrades 

The FCC has granted the Avery School District a grant to install "Fiber" internet service to the Calder School. The grant is funded by the FCC, using the taxes we all pay on our phones and the State Department of Education. 

*Fiber Update for Sept 2020

Avista – finished replacing their power poles and our contractors placed the fiber lines on those poles up to Falls Creek.  The connection was made with the underground cable to the school.

Activation – all the connections are complete and we are up and running. Yahoo!

School Upgrades- In anticipation of the upgraded internet service, the District has invested its Technology Funding for the school in new classroom computers. The Jr. High classroom has 13 new Chromebooks. These small Chromebooks are stored in a charging station each night and operate wirelessly. Ms. Renee and the students will have the same access to educational materials that kids in Boise and Coeur D' Alane enjoy.

The four Mac computers, that were in the Jr. High room last year, have been moved to Ms. Ann's classroom. She has computers enough to allow all the students in each age group to be on a computer at the same time.

The new fiber connection will allowed us to upgrade the internal speed at the school with new high-speed switches, and wireless AP's. This will give students, teachers, and visitors access to true high speed internet.